Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy


People Oriented

Healthy working relationships form the bedrock of any successful organization. As signified by Hot-Kid’s round head, we believe excellent employer-employee cohesion fosters long-lasting harmony and progress. Equally important is a strong management cadre. Hot-Kid’s crown of spiky hair symbolizes our eagerness to embrace new talents. We deeply value relationships and talents.

Self Confidence

Confidence comes with good preparation. Hot-Kid’s smiling countenance reflects our belief in preparedness and the confidence that glows with it. Heart-shaped tongue of the Hot-Kid represents our sincere heart to the Group: Be faithful to the leaders, be kind to the subordinates, and be sincere to our customers. This effort would definitely enhance our performances!


Hot-Kid’s open arms reflect our team spirit. His welcoming left arm denotes our unity. We believe with the right strategies and concerted efforts, and victory is already half won. Even with less-than-expected performances, our collective efforts will ensure minimal deviations.